Lowell Bennett is a second-generation driver who knew he wanted to race since he was a young boy helping on his dad's race car. When he was seventeen years old he bought his dad's 1972 Chevelle and started his dirt-racing career at Shawano Speedway in 1978. He won that first race he competed in and has dominated ever since. In 1976 and 1977, Lowell ran a busy schedule between dirt and asphalt tracks in Wisconsin. With only one race car this meant late night changeovers to the next set-up for the following race program. In 1978 the team chose to focus more on asphalt racing and ran full time at Wisconsin International Raceway. They continued to race on the dirt tracks through 1981 when Lowell won the Track Championship at Shawano Speedway. The following year the rules were changed by track officials, which did not allow dirt cars to race on asphalt, so Lowell chose the asphalt program. This has proven to be a smart choice on his part as he has won a championship at every track he has raced a full program at. Lowell's domination has really shown since 1996 when he changed engine builders and chose Wegnar Automotive Research as his source. He also changed his chassis builder to Left hander. "Carl's motors are so reliable with good power and quick recovery from the lower RPM's and the Left hander chassis are user-friendly, fast from the start, and consistent during the entire race." These are as important of aspects as driver talent and when you put them all together you get a top-wining team. Another important part of a winning racer is experience. With this being Lowell's 28th season of racing in which he will run an impressive 60 programs, he is not lacking in that area, either. Lowell's future goals are to try his hand at the NASCAR Busch Series in a few race programs. Since he has eventually won every series that he has raced in, this looks to be a promising experience.



In his career, Lowell has raced in ten racing series at over 30 different racetracks. His personal favorite is still Slinger Speedway. "It's like a mini-Bristol. Things happen quick and you have to be on your toes. You drive the car around the entire track, not just at the corners." The most prestigious and the most rewarding races that Lowell has won are the Slinger Nationals in July of 1997 and 2000. Besides the regular competitors from the area, several NASCAR Busch and Winston Cup drivers come for this impressive program. Another championship Lowell added to his long list was the World Series of Asphalt Championship held at New Smyma Speedway, Florida in 1997. That series consists of an nine-night points race with regular nightly programs.



With the numerous races that Lowell competes in each year, he must be very safety-conscious. "I feel safer in my race car than when I'm driving down the road because of the five-point safety restraint and the large amount of metal tubing around the driver's area of the chassis." However, Lowell has experienced his share of "hard hits." In 1989, during the last weekly race program of the season two cars ahead of him got together. Lowell ended up airborne over another car's tire, which sent him head-on into the pit entrance wall. This impact caused Lowell to turn the steering wheel inside out with his chest, pushed his feet through the floor, and get stitches due to cuts from the seat belts. Besides those the car was not repairable. Most important, though, Lowell walked away from that incident. He appreciates the safety features required in the racing community and will always take extra steps to protect himself.



Besides succeeding on racetracks, Lowell has owned his own auto sales and repair business, Bennett's Auto, since 1982. he is also a proud father of three children: Braison, Season, and Jurnee. His wife, Sue, has been a lifelong supporter of the racing community as her father, the late Lynn Blanchard was Lowell's engine builder from 1976-1988. Although Lowell and Sue knew each other for many years, it wasn't until 1994 that they got married. Lowell's easy-going, mild-natured personality makes him a well liked friend to people who know him from every aspect of his busy life.



Lowell Bennett has taken his "piggy bank" budget for racing and turned it into the four-car "best of everything" standing at the present. You can always count on Lowell to keep things exciting and interesting. His future plans include racing for many more years to come.